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We focus on community events and economic outreach that provide aid, resources, and assistance for projects wherever the need is greatest. We are simply here to have a positive impact for those who needs us. We are here to serve. Our programs are organized into four pillars:

Mentorship Program

Our pioneering mentorship program, L.E.A.D. (Leaders, Exploring, and Developing) teaches youth how to become successful leaders in the community. N.O.A.H.’s Foundation invests in inner-city youth to encourage their growth, hone their skills, and optimize their talents so they can contribute as effective community leaders both today and tomorrow. We teach:

  • Leadership strategies

  • Public speaking

  • ​Planning and development

  • Career guidance


Our housing structure currently provides a safe and comfortable home for single individuals, families, and children. Each family has its own living quarters with a private bathroom. N.O.A.H.’s Place also offers a common space where residents can come together as a community. Our case managers get to know each family and individual and helps mentor parents. We help with the following:


  • ​Public transportation assistance

  • Financial literacy/money management assistance

  • Resources to acquire permanent housing

  • On-site case management 

  • Counseling

Community Outreach and Food Distribution

N.O.A.H.’s Foundation prides itself on its empathy and inclusivity as we serve a wide range of people and families in varying situations. We reach out to communities in need to provide them with necessities. We work with private citizens, businesses, other charitable institutions, and sponsors to provide a systematic response to the immediate and long-term needs of vulnerable communities. We provide:


  • Community Grocery & Food Distribution

  • Mobile Health Clinics and Covid Testing Sites

  • Skid- Row Outreach 

  • Hygiene kits

  • Common household items

  • Necessities for children

Employment Assistance and Vocational Linkage

At N.O.A.H.’s Foundation, we dedicate our efforts to empowering others to start and sustain a new journey toward living the best life possible. That pursuit begins with meaningful and sustainable employment. Our case managers equip individuals – especially parents experiencing hardships – with skills and knowledge matched to stable careers, in which they can find career fulfillment and financial security and they connect them with good employment opportunities. We provide:

  • Free public transportation

  • Career guidance

  • Vocational training

  • A connection to local employers


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