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While serving some of the most underserved in Los Angeles County, N.O.A.H’s Foundation focuses on providing social services with a variety of economic resources to the community which may include financial assistance, health care, education linkage, food distribution, Through the darkness of poverty, we shine bright as a beacon of hope for those seeking a better life.


The inspiration for the founding of our organization is Brittney’s beloved son, Noah. Our founder, Brittney Frazier, needed empowerment a few times in her life. She is a survivor of domestic violence and homelessness. During that time, Brittney was adrift, without an anchor, in a tumultuous sea. At that point she had to decide to fail or succeed entirely. Brittney gathered her strength and courage and transformed her life.

While taking care of Noah and two foster children, Brittney somehow finds time for the needs of others. Even in tough times, Brittney perseveres because she knows she has found her calling through N.O.A.H.’s Foundation Inc. She has the perfect background to lead our organization and help those in need with experience as a homeless services case manager, and a mentor. Brittney’s life experience also helps her better understand and connect with those we serve. Brittney serves as the guiding light to all our case managers, shelter managers, volunteers, and sponsors. She inspires our team to remain steadfast in our commitment to serving those who need us most and she serves as an inspiration to those we serve as something they can aspire to.

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